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Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I now live in Drexel Hill, PA with my wife, Linda and our German shepherd, Morgana. I served with the Army Medical Corps during Vietnam as a Clinical Specialist. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Microbiology, my Master's work done in Virology. Along the way I have worked for a number of biotech companies as a virologist.

I have also written several novels under the name, T. A. Bradley, most of which have now been converted to my full name. My short stories have appeared in several magazines, both print and online. Relic of the Damned:The Coming, part one of a two-part novel, achieved finalist status in the 2014 Kindle Review's Kindle Best Book Awards.

When it comes to writing horror, I prefer to stick to the old school style rather than the slash and hack. "Allow the imagination to fill in the gaps...the mind can conjure scarier better than words."

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The Covenant of Wickersham Hollow

One of my most popular novels, The Covenant of Wickersham Hollow, takes the reader on a horrifying journey into the depths of evil.  Weaving between past and present, in the tradition of Stephen King's IT, it pulls you in to the dark mysteries that slowly unfold, leading to an ending you won't see coming.



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What People Are Saying About My Books

The Covenant of Wickersham Hollow

Anne Scott

Great Horror Mystery!

"I love a good mystery, especially when the story involves a haunted house with a decades- or centuries old history. From the first page, The Covenant of Wickersham Hollow lures you in by giving you a glimpse into the past of a house filled with sorrow and secrets, and the hint of evil. 
The author does a great job of weaving in and out of the past to pull you further into the horror behind the mystery. It doesn’t take the reader long to become completely immersed in the haunting that stalks the characters through their lives. 
Solid pace with an ending that will surprise you. A perfect read for Halloween!"


"I really enjoyed reading this novel. It's a fairly straightforward haunted house tale, but it's told in a fresh way. It also has shades of Steven King's It thrown in for good measure.
The writing is very well-done - there were a couple of errors, but not so many that it was a distraction.
The tension ratchets up with each chapter in the novel, building to a strong climax."


"This is a terrific read! I couldn’t stop turning the pages! The twists and turns just kept coming. Highly recommend."

Sam Harper 

"This is not just another haunted house story! It was amazing!

The story is cleverly woven between past and present and numerous characters as they pull you into the scary past of Wickersham Hollow. The story is very well constructed and the characters are well thought out and so real that you care what happens to them. 
The story starts slowly but like a snowball travelling downhill quickly gathers pace turning into a real page turner until building to a surprising ending."

Linda George


"Wonderfully written and structured. Characters who became real."

Deb Avery

Great story!

"The mysteries are revealed slowly but steadily as they keep you turning the pages. A very good plot with twists and turns you don't see coming."

The Shadow Demon

Anne Francis Scott

Good Supernatural Suspense

"One of the things I really liked about this story is its unique approach to the supernatural, where Native American traditions and beliefs play a pivotal role against an ancient evil that has resurfaced in modern-day times. The author also does an excellent job of giving readers an up-close-and-personal view of the horrors delivered by this dark, vengeful entity. Scary business…

"An interesting mix of characters adds another, deeper layer of intrigue to the story."

Good suspense and pace, with a long look into a metaphysical realm that will stir your brain. Well worth a read!

Relic of the Damned


"While a very well thought out plot, exciting story, graphic descriptions of the antagonists, the writing is ok at best...I DO recommend this read ... but the number of characters is dizzying and you spend much time trying to remember who everyone is...It is a great read for those that like the Macabre as I do... and the God Devil thing... its a fun read, never to be a classic by any means...Certainly not Stephen King...But fun...you may not want to read it going to sleep...just saying."

Kelly C.


"I read both books in a few days, could not put them down! I was so impressed, the story had a very "Stephen King" feel but different enough that the author made it their own. If you like S.K., I promise you will like these books. Such a fun read!"


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