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Looking for a great Narrator?
Stephen Bungay is your Guy!

If you're an author looking to have your work turned into an audiobook, Stephen Bungay is the guy you want to narrate it.  I've been working with Stephen for quite a while now and can tell you, without a doubt or any hesitation, that you couldn't find a more dedicated narrator.  Nothing is too much trouble for him.  Getting it right is what drives him.

You can find him here on ACX: https://www.acx.com/narrator?p=AZL4URZJZJJKY

Or here: sbungay@thesoundbookfactory.com

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I'm pleased and proud to announce that my book of short stories, 13 Echoes, is now LIVE as an audiobook.  


13 short stories of the strange that will take you into a world where only the echoes of reality exist. These are "Twilight Zone" type stories

Journey with a young boy suffering with Downes Syndrome as he is confronted by bullies. Lost and alone, he finds a protector he never knew existed. 
Meet a lonely man who is the butt of everyone's jokes, a man who finally finds love, comfort and acceptance in a way he could never have imagined.
They say the waiting is the hardest part. It's not!
Winning isn't always what it's cracked up to be, especially when relatives are involved.
A long overdue vacation takes a man to a place that few people ever see.
A band learns that some gigs are just never ending.
An abusive husband learns that the secret he keeps within the walls of his house has a life of its own

AND six other tales of the weird.


13 Echoes  Audiobook Trailer

Take 13 journeys into the macabre. 

Audiobook, narrated by Stephen Bungay.

Get your copy here and start listening!


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I'm pleased and proud to announce that my novella, Sundown Rising, is AVAILABLE NOW as an audiobook!

Narrated by Ted Brooks.  

If you would like a FREE copy, all you have to do is join Audible... it's FREE, too.  Just click on the link below and start listening.



When he loses his wife to a drunk driver, Richard Anthony Millay believes there will be no more brightness in his future. He may be right, for it is the darkness of an unrecalled past that pulls him away from everything he thought was real. Moving into the house that his wife had wanted so badly before she died, he soon comes to discover that it holds dark secrets, secrets that will haunt him in ways he couldn't imagine. It will awaken in him something that had lain dormant in his being. But will he remember what he needs to know in time to deal with the evil that walks within? A terrible discovery awaits him. More than that, he will learn that when the past and present collide ... all bets are off.


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